Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with a friend. We started discussing restaurants and our friends in the service industry. They have been affected by COVID-19 so much… Probably more than any other industry. I have lots of friends in the restaurant business and Portal also has insurance on lots of restaurants. This has given me a unique perspective on how difficult it is to run a restaurant.

Inject a global pandemic into that and I don’t know if most of us can imagine how difficult it actually is to run a restaurant.

Which brings me to my point of this post.

People need to give restaurants a break

Click here to watch a video I recorded on this subject

Think about some of the things they have had to deal with going into COVID.

They had their businesses shut down somewhat abruptly for weeks if not months in some cases.

They are now trying to open back up with skeleton crews. Because a large majority of their employees are enjoying the steady pay on unemployment.

They are having to hire new employees and train those employees on the fly because..

Oh wait

They had to change their processes completely to account for social distancing rules.

They are forced to operate on 50% capacity which theoretically should lead to 50% revenue (Although I know this isn’t happening due to the vast majority of people can’t wait to eat out after months of quarantine). Which goes back to different processes, now they are having to “turn” those tables faster which may lead to some poor experiences for their customers.

Here is the thing.

If you eat out at a restaurant post-COVID-19 you are going to have some experiences that are not up to par.

Get over it

I am not saying that COVID is an excuse for poor customer service in the long run. But during this transition time, we should definitely have empathy for our friends in the service industry.

We do that by awarding them with our patience.

Oh, one more thing

If you aren’t going to tip well regardless of service, don’t go.

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